Mojuice and me the background story

Well here we are, I have finally got around to writing the first blog on our website. It's only taken me three years! Not going to give myself too much of a hard time though as I have been quite busy as you will see... 

A little background on me and Mojuice. 

Have been thinking hard about what to write for this first blog and decided that rather than dive straight into techie topics it was best to go back to the beginning and provide a little background for those who might be interested, so here goes. 

I started my working life in a completely different field than the one I'm stood in now, building boats and ships for Her Majesty at Devonport Royal Dockyard, I have to admit though no matter how hard I tried it really was not for me, although my one claim to fame during this period was working on Her Majesties toilet on board the Royal Barge. A strange claim to fame and one I promise never to mention again..  

Lets skip fast forward past my time as a musician (Thats a bit vague i hear you say! Was bit vague for me too hence the lack of detail) and into a period that finally sparked my interested in the web and design. I was working for a company called Lang & Potter as a Project manager, working very closely with interior designers on various projects around the south west of the UK. As time went on computers became more and more important during the everyday running of the business, it was love at first click and born was the nerd in me. It was early days for the computer and what followed was quite a lot of frustration and quite a lot of waiting at the help desk in PC World, the only way forward I decided, was to learn everything I could about these wonderful machines, no longer would I be bamboozled by a spotty teenager at the help desk. Just a note here to say I'm sure they were all wonderful people hiding behind 'smug mode' and a name badge, secretly I feel sure they were a bunch of nerds just as clueless as me. I seem to remember 'reload windows' was a popular term around this time..

Then came the turning point in my career, Lang & Potter needed a new website, the one they had was clunky and old hat, born during the early days of computers with dark tube screens and clacking keyboards. As one of their new clients was Princess yachts, a swanky big player in the luxury yacht market, they needed to up their game and I came into contact with high end web design. 

I was given the task with my friend and colleague Kate to oversee the design and build of the site, after sitting through various presentations by several local companies we chose a company called Pulse 8 based in the beautiful and somewhat quirky town of Totnes. It was decided that photography would be the main aspect of this site and we set about travelling the Southwest with a brilliant photographer called Mike Evans who incidentally took all of the gorgeous shots for Princess yachts. Mike and the other people involved in the project where fun and interesting full of great stories and most importantly highly creative, the site was finished and I like to think I had a small a hand in making it great, In fact my hand can indeed be seen cutting a piece of fabric in one of the main photos on the homepage. 

The site was brilliant and really captured the feel of the company, in fact Lang & Potter are still using it all these years later. I now understood the importance of great brand design and how a website is really the shop window for a business. The company had entered a new age and so had I.

After that it was full steam ahead, I began learning all I could about this dark art, designing websites for various bands that I knew and then slowly people began to ask me to design websites for their small business. Finally after much scratching of heads and rubbing of chins I took the plunge and gave up my job at Lang & Potter, it was a big step but one that with the help and encouragement of my gorgeous wife I took. Mojuice was born and today I am busier than ever, and with me, my gorgeous family and the other great passion of my life, design and computers. 

One thing however has not changed throughout, and that is dealing with people.  Getting to know people, understanding their ideas businesses and passions, ultimately this leads directly to the people themselves. To all that have been kind enough to trust me with their projects and follow my passion, I thank you. This is another fascinating aspect of web design and one that people never really mention, the lives and times of our fellow human beings, however I think this is probably a topic for another time.

Please feel free to watch this space as we will be adding more articles on all things design and technology  along with anything else relevant that catches our eye on the world wide web.

All the very best.


Founder | Mojuice

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